The first & only certified manufacturer of world-class Air Handling Units (AHU’s) and Fan Coil Units (FCU’s) in Qatar.

Solid foundations of over 20 years of experience in manufacturing Heat Transfer Solutions has resulted in the establishment of one of the modern manufacturing facilities for Air Handling Units and Fan Coil Units which, for the first time, are proudly Made in Qatar with Eurovent Certification.

As a member of the Nehmeh group of companies we are proud of the heritage of over 60 years in the making in a multitude of industries.

Did you know?

Working with Eurovent certified manufactured products from Nehmeh, becomes not only the first Qatari company in history to earn such a coveted certification but also highers your score in LEED & GSAS assessment ratings in your projects.


We are a manufacturer and not a mere workshop/assembler, able to custom manufacture any element for any application.

Globally Certified

We are able to design, build, install and maintain the right system for the right application to suit any requirement, any budget at any point in time.

Eco Friendly

Our quality products will have you save not only the environment but also on expenses as all our components and products are energy efficient.

Turnkey Solutions

We are able to design, build, install and maintain the right system for the right application to suit any requirement, any budget at any point in time.

Eurovent Certification certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards. We are proud to be the only Qatari company to have attained this certification and one of only selected few in the MENA region. Nehmeh Entreprises and Industries LLC participates in the Eurovent Certified Performance programme for Air Handling Units (AHU). Check ongoing validity of certificate:

Custom-built air handling units, producing the right weather in any environment

Covering all the most common functions in the modular sizes, our pre-configured range offers horizontal, vertical and twin-fan options with duty range of up to 72,000 CFM.

The range is very impressive.

But there’s more. Because at Our Organization we recognize that sometimes there are applications with very special demands.

This is why we now offer customized solutions giving customers the flexibility to combine modules to build tailor-made AHUs according to the customer requirement. The range can meet specific needs, For example when a humidifier or components in a specific finish are required. While pre-configured and tailored solutions can also be combined to achieve the optimum result and making Our AHU the most flexible range available.

Customized solution for Indoor Air Quality

As the most critical element of Central Air Conditioners, our units provide:

  • Flexible Cabinet Sizing
  • Galvanized, Aluminum or Stainless Steel Panels with the various thickness such as 1.0, 1.2 &1.6\
  • Inner Painted GI Panels.
  • Selection of Drain Pan Materials.
  • Mixing Boxes / Economizers.
  • Multiple Coil Section Depths.
  • Integral face and Bye-Pass Dampers.
  • Energy Recovery Sections – Runaround coils, Fixed Plate heat exchangers, Heat recovery Wheels and Heat Pipes
  • Multiple Fan Section – Belt or Direct Drive, Forward or backward curved or Aerofoil, Plug Fans & EC Fan.
  • Motors – Standard and Energy Efficient (IE1/IE2/IE3)
  • Humidifier and De-Humidifier sections.
  • Filters – Flat Filters, Bag Filters, HEPA Filters, Chemical Filters…
  • Digital Controls
  • Optional Accessories – View Port, Hinge Door, Lights, etc.

AHU Selection Software

The air handling unit selection software is complete in functions and suitable for AHU Selection. NehCalc is a powerful tool for consultants, sales and application engineers. NACAHU software is able to design custom built AHU with limited time and complies with the latest Eurovent regulation with Energy Ratings.

NACAHU++, our selection program is one of the most sophisticated design software for Air handling Units available on the market. It is the result of years of experience in designing and optimizing customized air handling units. The performances provided by this software are certified by Eurovent certification (Under process). It enables the selection of virtually all possible configurations, components or options to reach your exact project constraints. Detailed data sheets, in duct and radiated sound levels, AutoCAD format drawings, product specifications, Psychometric charts, fan curves, SFPs and energy classes can be viewed and printed from our software.

We are now actively looking for distributors for the renown brand of Nehmeh Air Conditioners.

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